About | Alex Hisaka


There’s no one size fits all solution for how I approach content marketing. I link my ideas with the execution of my ideas. I use both my right and left brains. How I do makes what I do.


I believe that a connected world is better served by connected thinking. Imagine what can happen to a great idea when it's amplified by technology and personalized by our experiences? When you do that in the right medium to a connected audience, you’re not creating marketing — you’re creating meaning.


What I'm interested in is going back to the fundamentals of marketing: how can we sell more products in the world as it exists today and is likely to exist in the future? I believe that brands are defined by our experiences. That's why I'm constantly thinking about how we can create relevant content that people can relate to.


Copy solves for only half the equation. In the branding process, words need the proper environment in which to fully thrive. Effective marketing demonstrates copy and design working in tandem organically. And the truly next-level stuff is an emotion-stirring story that melds into something greater than the sum of its parts.


Success doesn't fall in your hands — you have to work hard on the right things. I recognize how to move a project forward, then make it happen. If I see a void, I fill it. If I come across a problem, I solve it. And I push until I get it done.  


Content marketing is more than just storytelling. It's a way to connect with customers, an opportunity for us to understand what they want, what they think, how a product or service worked or how it didn't. There's only so far you can stretch your marketing budget. Content marketing, when done in the right way, gives us the chance to be personal again.


Data does not become valuable by being well structured. It becomes valuable when it’s used to answer questions that improves the business. With everything I do, I start with the customer, figure out what they want and how to get it to them. I learned that when you get that right, other things like return on investment and loyal customers will naturally happen on its own.


What’s important in today’s business age is adapting to change, and adapting to change as a team. While our natural inclination is to retrench, I encourage my team to face uncertainty head on by differentiating on content and credibility, instead of products and services alone. As the tech industry is constantly evolving, so is our approach to content marketing. And we push for ways to transform our approach now to drive better results in today's changing environment.